Redefining What Success Means For You


The following is an edited excerpt from the book Future Proof: Reinventing Work in the Age of Acceleration by Diana David.                    Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it. — MAYA ANGELOU The forces of competition and change that threaten business and industry also threaten individuals and their careers. If you don’t stay ahead of the curve, you’ll be blindsided by change. “Inaction is especially risky in a changing world that demands adaptation,” says Reid Hoffman. If it’s no longer likely or even possible to spend forty years [...]

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How to Future Proof Your Career


  Faster, Better, Smarter: How to Future Proof Your Career This past December, I took ski lessons. I wanted to gain the techniques that I hoped might enable me to brave the scary, single-seater “pizza box” chairlift and expert slopes at the summit. Each morning we learned about how to shift our weight to our inside or outside foot, where our body should go in short vs long turns and how to crush the steepest, most mogul filled slopes. After the third day I felt frustrated that I hadn’t improved much and still didn’t feel like I could go up to [...]

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When Do I Give Up?


A few years into my first job, working for Dr. Henry Kissinger, I asked his secretary why I’d gotten the job. “You seemed dogged and relentless, like a mule who would carry the heaviest load to the top of the mountain.” Not the impression I was going for, but not far from the truth...

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