How to Future Proof Your Career


  Faster, Better, Smarter: How to Future Proof Your Career This past December, I took ski lessons. I wanted to gain the techniques that I hoped might enable me to brave the scary, single-seater “pizza box” chairlift and expert slopes at the summit. Each morning we learned about how to shift our weight to our inside or outside foot, where our body should go in short vs long turns and how to crush the steepest, most mogul filled slopes. After the third day I felt frustrated that I hadn’t improved much and still didn’t feel like I could go up to [...]

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5 Tips to Find Your Purpose


Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg  (Bay Area News) 5 Tips to Find Your Purpose “Sheryl didn’t actually play, she just organized the play of others.”--Facebook COO, Sheryl Sandberg’s brother In college, I dreamed of being a “manager.” I know, it sounds like a Dilbert cartoon come to life! One of my super techie, successful entrepreneur friends then told me, “one of my biggest aspirations is to make this an amazing place to work for my employees”. That was an “aha” moment for me. My desire to empower people and solve for a better future became a thread I could reliably follow for [...]

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