Diversity: Done talking, time to get moving…


There's a lot of chat, both positive and negative, about diversity in start-ups. In the aftermath of scandals, what can startups do to revamp their hiring process to improve diversity and inclusion at their firms? As this Techstars report points out, "Diversity is important to 72% of founders, but only 10% are taking action" Where are the FAQs, how-to's, or tool-kits that can bring diversity from "important" to "reality"? In an exchange with the influential Internet4Jobs network, there were so many great resources mentioned, I made myself a roundup and thought it would be even more powerful if to share and invite further contributions. No [...]

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When Do I Give Up?


A few years into my first job, working for Dr. Henry Kissinger, I asked his secretary why I’d gotten the job. “You seemed dogged and relentless, like a mule who would carry the heaviest load to the top of the mountain.” Not the impression I was going for, but not far from the truth...

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